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Dear Therapists:

Welcome! We have been awaiting your training and your arrival to The Association as a competent care provider — and so have millions of survivors who are seeking help in this specialization!

Purpose of the Directory

As the field association for Narcissistic Abuse, The Association seeks to provide survivors with access to a directory of competent care — therapists who are licensed mental health professionals, who are Trauma Certified, and who are trained in a trauma treatment model of care in Narcissistic Abuse through our Certificate and/or Certification course.


The referral network and directory is opened ONLY to those who meet the following criteria:

  • Those who completed either our Narcissistic Abuse and Survivor Treatment (N.A.S.T.) Certificate Course through this website, or
  • Those who took our Certification Course Narcissistic Abuse Treatment Clinician (N.A.T.C.) through PESI, Inc. 

In addition to the Certificate or Certification course (at PESI or The Association), this directory is opened to those who meet our educational qualifications as follows:

You have a master’s degree or higher in a psychology-related field from an accredited university and are licensed or are under supervision pending licensure; or if in another country, you meet the educational requirements for practice in your country.

How to Submit Proof of Your Training for the Directory Listing

Acquired at PESI, Inc.

If you completed your training (including the offered Trauma Certification) in the PESI Certificate ‘package,’ complete the form below and upload your Certificate issued by PESI.

Acquired at The Association

If you completed your training at The Association website  through separate individual courses, complete the form below and upload the three workshop CEs or letter of completion (whichever you attained) AND a copy of your pre-existing Trauma Certification, CE, or letter of completion.

Next Steps

Once we receive your emailed documents, you will be provided a special link to set up your listing in the directory with required specific information.

The purpose of the directory is to allow survivors to find competent care that meet their specifications—such as, location (in some instances), insurance type, other specializations, etc. You can go back into the directory and change your listing if your parameters change, like contact information, insurances, etc.

Directory Listing

The Association as the field body for the Narcissistic Abuse field, offers to you as a welcome to the field, a complimentary listing in the directory for a year. The following years listings are available at a reasonable rate (if you choose).

Your field Association also provides other products, services, and information—such as:

  • Free monthly newsletter (topic-specific article, event and training notifications, helpful resources for therapists)
  • Standards of Care and Clinical Practice Guidelines for this field
  • Genre-specific e-products
  • Certificate Course for specialization
  • Coming soon: Support for survivor-therapists working in this genre (group)

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